The videos

Video is a really useful tool for integrated and deferred teaching. It allows the teacher in the classroom and also the parent at home to do and/or "review" a course of teaching.
Here you will find a series of videos that may be useful to you. In these videos you will also find paths with rules and lines that are original and really effective for teaching and learning multiplication of multiplication tables and also divisions.
The courses with rulers and lines have been developed and tested in their effectiveness over years of work and in many classes. These constitute a personal and original method that, if used for training or linked, the source must always be specified.

let's learn to count for...

01     we learn to count objects by two, by three… it's simple 5:41   
02   from objects to mathematical operation; with objects also taken from a card we perform simple multiplications 4:40  
03   from written multiplication to objects; let's reconstruct a multiplication with objects 6:49  
04   we practice by "drawing" multiplications on the notebook 5:37  
05   we learn to count by 6 and by 7 15:12  

understand multiplications and multiplication tables

06     with the rulers and the ruler we have a very strong tool to understand multiplications, times tables and more 15:31   
07   let's learn how to do multiplication on one centimeter squared paper, simple and fun 8:08  
08   let's practice again on the centimeter sheet with the drawing 2:44  
09   what operation is it? From drawing to operation and a reflection to better understand multiplications 3:11  
10   now we learn to count by 7 by 8 and by 9 as well 9:51  
11   we build on the small squared notebook the tables of 8 and 9 5:20  
12   represents the multiplications with the drawing on a small squared notebook 4:04  
13   with ruler, pencil, cardboard and scissors we can build a game to learn the times tables better 10:43  
14   let's build the scoreboard that will help us understand many things 27:04  
15   from the times tables board to the times tables table 4:51  
16   a video to understand how multiplications with carry-over work 13:40  

understand the divisions

17     we introduce the division with roses 9:04   
18   another case of division with other objects 9:36  
19   with the rulers and the ruler we still have a powerful tool to understand even the divisions in a simple way 10:02  
20   figuring out how to calculate the rest is not easy, but with this method it is 11:40  
21   with rulers and ruler even the particular cases of division without problems are well understood even if they are the most difficult to learn for any child 8:39  
22   understand how to perform a division 15:40  

understand the fractions

23     the fractions first part 11:36   
24   fractions a simple task 6:06  
25   another video to understand the fractions 7:49  
26   the complementary part 1 5:22  
27   the fractional unit 2:42  
28   a simple job folding a sheet to review some concepts of fractions 3:59  
29   let's play with fractions using an app found here 5:38  
30   the terms of the fractions 10:38  
31   it is very important to understand the complementary part well 5:55  
32   understand the equivalent fractions with the square 10:18  
33   understand the equivalent fractions with a circle 9:58  
34   understand the equivalent fractions by folding a sheet 7:33  
35   the whole concept is not that easy to learn but we try 7:55  

understand decimals

36     understand decimals using strips of paper 22:32   

The videos

These videos are home-made, created to give explanations in emergency so they are not as professional as many others which can be found online but also use very original and personal techniques and materials.