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School has only one problem. The kids that loses. But if it loses them, school is no longer school. It is an hospital that treats the healthy and rejects the sick.        Letter to a teacher, school of Barbiana
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which type of math?

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the best School

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not one less

I think school is like a train and that for some children it is the only train. It is therefore up to each teacher to make sure that no one misses this train.
But it is not a question of getting everyone on by lowering the level of the educational offer: it would be like making everyone travel on a troop train.
Instead, we need to make everyone travel in first class, from first to last. Indeed, from the last, true figure of our doing, to the first, with good opportunities for everyone: not one less.

Not one less takes on greater significance in this time of school break. In fact, fragile children pay a very high price also in terms of lack of learning. The periphery, large or small, which is present in each class, risks to move more and more away "from the center" and for many the school drift is accentuated.


It's a fact: the degree of linguistic and mathematical literacy, literacy and numeracy, are closely related to people's quality of life. .
We have to start from here to say that giving the Best School also means creating the best opportunities to build and cultivate mathematical literacy, as the ability to mathematically interpret reality and to correctly approach the problems that life arises.
But it is certainly not easy to build adequate linguistic and mathematical competence in boys and girls. We know it well.
In particular, math is considered a difficult, cold, tough, boring subject; it generates antipathy and even fear, and also prejudice as many come to say: "I have never had an aptitude for maths..."
But is it true? I don’t think so and I say that everyone, however, can and must be brought to mathematics..
And you can do it with pleasant, interesting, engaging experiences too. Becoming an effective and beautiful math for the child and also for the teacher.

which math?

It is a fundamental question: which math?
What math do we want to propose? What is our way of doing math? Is it really effective? How monotonous is "our" math and how much does it cultivate the pleasure of doing and discovering? And finally: can we bring everyone to math?

Here you will find many ideas for an experienced math: touched, walked, skipped, explored, experimented, discovered, colored ... Here you can find tools for a really pleasant math to do, both for adults and children. You will find ideas and tools that will allow you to propose activities that stimulate and cultivate productive and non-reproductive thinking skills.

All this will allow you to empower and make teaching and learning more effective and to reach everyone, not one less, with surprisingly beautiful math. Really.

to do

Those who work with children know that teaching and learning means also hard work. Especially in emergency situations
I think that this effort must be supported with effective tools that allow you to build an extraordinary learning environment where teaching and learning can become fun.
Here you will find many bricks that you can combine with your creativity as you want to create effective paths that will transform the effort into pleasure of doing and the ordinary, into extraordinary.

× WARNING! We are in a state of emergency for Covid19. The use of materials and paths must be adapted to the guidelines of each country, organization or school regarding distances, groupings or other things that could endanger the safety of children and adults.


the ideas create objects
but objects also create ideas


the best software to create, integrate, reinforce your paths


high cognitive density paths


here you will find some videos that can enrich your paths

+ interest
+ participation
+ fun
+ learning


the best School

The lockdown caused by the pandemic and distance learning have increased differences and contributed to exacerbating educational emergencies. So much so that we talk about difficulties, if not even impossibility for some, to recover what is "lost" and therefore of lost educational opportunities.
In other words, we have a periphery, the educational periphery, which is expanding, and this may affect school drop-out, which already has alarming numbers in relation to premature drop-outs in the course of study. But if we understand it, school dropout, as a failure to fully deploy its potential then we understand the true depth of the emergency.
And this emergency, now stronger than ever, must be addressed in a single way: trying to give the best of itself for the Best School, the one that knows how to reach everyone, not one less, with the best chance of learning in a serene, stimulating environment, even having fun. Easy? No, of course not, but it's possible. That's it.

I am an elementary school teacher. I am very happy to go to school where my children and I learn new things every day and we really enjoy doing math.
For some time now I have been carrying out a project that I wanted to call "not one less" as the title of the wonderful film by Zhang Yimou from 1999.

a long time ago, in my city, a painter drew on the asphalt with chalks; next to him a sign said:
"I am a street artist who travels with his own means, if you believe that my work deserves a coin, this will allow me to continue the journey".

I also believe that I have embarked on a journey to reach everyone with the best math: surprising and effective; and if you believe that this work deserves the reward, even if only your attention, this will allow me to continue my journey.

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